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  1. Do you remember we told you about Kichao village, Mweka, Tanzania?

    With no access to clean water, they had to walk 1-2km, 5 or 6 times every day to collect water for washing, drinking, cooking, cleaning and their animals, and it wasn't even clean water!  Well, with your help, we have caught, treated and piped water straight into the village and changed the lives of nearly 100 families!  

    26 families have even already made their own connection so they have their own tap.

    It wasn't without it's difficulties and couldn't have been done without the help of excellent people at Machare Farm. We've learned a lot from the project, and now with your continued support EA has plans to continue this project into other villages.

    Humbling, and life-changing.

    Thank you for helping to make dreams reality!  

    Here's a quick water project slideshow - video and more photos soon...


  2. We received a video last week from the Orera Village expressing thanks (in words and song!!) 

  3. It took me a while from hours of video and hundreds of photos but here is a short video to help better understand the processing of coffee on the farm in Tanzania. (The background music is sung by the Orera villagers where we also buy coffee!) PLAY VIDEO>>

  4. Some new products have been added to our offeing in the past few weeks: 

    cameroon bag

    Cameroon Boyo Coffe

    The latest addition to our coffee range.  Working with Matti, a Cameroonian coffee farmer we were able to get a small amount for this year and should it prove popular hope to visit and develop the same direct trade relationship we have in other countries. These beans are medium-roasted to enhance their dark chocolate and light citrus notes, with a good body. 


    Mini Marshmallows

    pink & white mallows

    Pink and white to complete the perfect hot chocolate!
    £5.50/1Kg (that's a lot of marshmallows)



    Sucraplus x1,000 - only £12.00/case