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  1. Coffee Prices 2017

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    It's been all over the news about the crash in the £ and how this will make things like coffee 'jump' in price next year - well, as with so much of the news there is some truth but not nearly as dramatic as they like to report!   I'm sure we're not the first supplier to write to you about this, in fact some of our suppliers have written twice, putting two price rises in!!

    Yes the £ has devalued by 15-20% and many things in the UK are bought in Euros or Dollars, but here's what it actually means for EA customers: 

    • Coffee will go up by less than £1/Kg - which really means less than a penny per cup
    • Tea prices are up from suppliers so there'll be a 2-7% increase on teas
    • Hot chocolate and syrups - NO change
    • Cups and disposables - NO change
    • Sugar sachets - NO change
    • Delivery charges - still FREE over £70

    We haven't changed our prices for more than 2 years and in that time everything has gone up, from coffee and tea, to boxes, wages and delivery costs.  That said, EA has grown, been able to buy more in bulk, negotiate better courier rates, and ultimately we want to always be as honest and fair as possible with you, our customers, so we're taking a hit on our margin next year to share the effect of Brexit and the devalued £, in hope that it will recover by next year's crop.  

    What we won't do is compromise on quality, or change the farms we work with just to get cheaper coffee. And we're committed to our farmers, our high standards and the projects we support. 

    We hate doing this but it's part of business and unavoidable at times. 

    Any questions or concerns please call or email me directly. 

  2. You did this!!

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    Do you remember we told you about Kichao village, Mweka, Tanzania?

    With no access to clean water, they had to walk 1-2km, 5 or 6 times every day to collect water for washing, drinking, cooking, cleaning and their animals, and it wasn't even clean water!  Well, with your help, we have caught, treated and piped water straight into the village and changed the lives of nearly 100 families!  

    26 families have even already made their own connection so they have their own tap.

    It wasn't without it's difficulties and couldn't have been done without the help of excellent people at Machare Farm. We've learned a lot from the project, and now with your continued support EA has plans to continue this project into other villages.

    Humbling, and life-changing.

    Thank you for helping to make dreams reality!  

    Here's a quick water project slideshow - video and more photos soon...