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  1. Fresh roasted and ready, Jacutinga

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    EA are continuing to work with the rural community of Jacutinga, Poco Fundo, this year.  Osmar and his family grow exceptional coffee at around 1200m and it is pure joy in a cup so we are roasting it a little lighter and selling it as a special individual origin. 

    This high altitude coffee has a sweet chocolate taste, with a little fruit and hazelnut.

    Keep an eye out for news and updates from farmers and projects in this community.


    Jacutinga is also where we have invested in drying tables to further help and improve coffee, in partnership with our friends at Neighbourhood.

    jacutinga (1)

    jacutinga (3)

    jacutinga (2)

  2. Loose Leaf Tea from the Usambara Mountains

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    During Ian's last visit to Tanzania he saw first-hand at Machare Farm their newest venture – tea!

    Freshly picked from the Usumbara mountains each day the tea is brought to the farm to be rolled and prepared as carefully hand-crafted high grade leaf tea.

    We've imported a little black and green to compliment our offering.

    Our black tea is packed in 200g, and green 150g

    You can buy now online

    usumbara 2 bagstea machare1tea machare4tea machare5