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  1. Feeding kids in Uganda

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    We have partnered with a local primary school to help with their feeding project in Kigulya, Uganda.

    The international lead on the project says "As a result of fundraising at school and the generous donation from Ethical Addictions we are able to provide the resources to farm a large area of land surrounding the school. The crops produced will in turn provide a hot meal for the children at Kigulya during this coming year, many of whom would not otherwise receive a hot meal at home."  

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  2. BBC video of EA water projects

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    BBC radio interview today about the latest trip to Tanzania and Ian becoming a tribal chief

  3. VIDEO: turning on the water

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    Following the success of last year's pipework to supply the Kichao village in Mweka, we have now been asked to help with a neighbouring project whereby 37 families have no clean water supply – the solution is to set-up storage tanks so that in times of less water they can fill up overnight in order to make supply the following day.

    So we' have been installing 2x 5,000 litre tanks in order to supply the village of Kifura Sawmill in Mweka.

    Here is a short video of the first families turning on the taps!