World Select Espresso Ethical Coffee


World Select Espresso Ethical Coffee

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The Coffee - Strength 5

Picture a bull elephant charging through the jungle . . . EA Espresso. A hand-crafted blend of fine gourmet coffees brings you this espresso bursting with flavour and a full-strength encounter.

The coffees are selected from all of the world's coffee-producing regions, and bring together an espresso that impresses the discerning coffee connieusseur, whilst blending beautifully with milk to produce an outstanding latte or cappuccino. 


By the way the elephant’s name is Phil.  


Another EA speciality coffee available as espresso ground or whole bean.

Also available at exceptional coffee shops around the UK. 



It's officially very, very good - Taste Italia Magazine features our espresso in their July issue under their  "10 of the BEST" feature!

Time Out Magazine featured 'London's Best Breakfasts' and spoke of one of our customers L'[email protected]: "This deli-cafe offers handy grab-and-go breakfast options such as daisy-fresh pastries and Moroccan wraps. The coffee is excellent."

"Of all the establishments in which I have worked I have never had so many people comment on the coffee and ask where it's from." Horse & Groom, Cotswolds

"Wonderful freshly roasted beans that develop such a rich, chocolatey crema and smooth but intense flavour. My customers have all commented on it. In fact, one Italian gentleman went so far as to say it was the best coffee he'd had outside Milan!" Pink Footed Goose