Hope Tanzania Ethical Coffee


Hope Tanzania Ethical Coffee

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The Country

Tanzania, found in East Africa bordering the Indian Ocean with its commercial capital, Dar es Salaam, a busy port for the region. Tanzania is a relatively stable country having not suffered some of the internal strife of many African states. However, it remains one of the poorest countries in the world, with many of its 40 million people living below the World Bank poverty line. Unlike other African countries, whose potential wealth contrasts their actual poverty, Tanzania had few exportable minerals and a primitive agricultural system. 


The Coffee - Strength 3

Hope Tanzania is a fine single origin Arabica coffee from the Mbeya region in the south of Tanzania. It’s wildly sweet aroma and delicate flavour combine with its light body to offer a gourmet all-day coffee.




The Hope Project, Mbeya, TanzaniaHope Drying Tables

The Hope Project aims to give hope to coffee farmers who have seen their income plummet as a result of falling coffee prices. It has set up 23 coffee washing and drying stations (pulperies) in the Ileje, Rungwe, Mbeya Rural and Mbozi districts of Mbeya Region, Tanzania.

Mbeya region is home to some of the finest Arabicas of East Africa. However processing has always been a problem. Until now, all smallholder coffee in Mbeya has been purchased as parchment and then processed at home by the farmers. Many of these farmers lack the water or processing equipment to bring out the best in their coffee.

The Hope Project has dealt with this by putting the washing stations in the heart of the coffee growing areas. Where water is abundant, traditional disk pulpers have been installed. Where it is scarce, ecopulpers which need less water are used and boreholes are drilled to increase the water supply.

The Project ensures that farmers benefit from premium prices for their high quality coffee by:Hope Valley
* Paying a price which is higher than the market price; and
* Making a second, quality-related payment to farmers.

The Hope Project places great importance on the traceability of its coffee and as such each lot comes with a certificate giving details of the village or villages of origin.