Environmental Aspects of Ripple Cups

Recycling options of the Ribbed Cups:


  • Recycleability:

Due to the high quality, large percentage of pulp used in the manufacturing of the Ribbed Cups, the relative ease of separation of the paper fibres and the PE coating paper pulp raw materials could be recovered by most modern pulp recovery operations. However it should be noted that typically paper cups are disposed of in the post consumer waste stream. They could then be recovered from that waste stream for re-pulping by facilities which are able to handle food contaminated paper waste. Pulp recovered from these operations would typically then be used in non-food contact applications such as corrugated cases, etc.


  • Energy Recovery:

Where appropriate sorting facilities of waste are not available or are not considered to be cost effective Ribbed Cups are well suited for energy recovery operations due to their high calorific content.


  • Composting:

In well managed commercial composting operations paper cups similar such as Ribbed Cups have been shown to degrade to a level where the resulting compost is homogenous in nature and ready for re-use or sale.


  • Landfill:

Landfill should always be the last option for any type of waste disposal. In the case of Ribbed Cups they will degrade at that same rate as any other paper product in a landfill site. However it is safe to assume that in any well managed landfill operation most products will keep their specific properties now and in the long term future.